Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pipe

  1. General Details

    Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pipes available at Midex are highly rust and stain resistant and which will last much longer in places where seawater is predominantly in contact with. These are perfect for your Safari Boats, Fishing Vessels, Guest Houses and other tourist establishments.

    • Grade of Stainless Steel: SS316L
  2. Available Sizes
    Outside Diameter
    Outside Diameter
    1/2″ 12.7mm 1.5mm
    5/8″ 15.9mm 1.5mm
    3/4″ 19.1mm 1.5mm
    1″ 25.4mm 1.5mm
    1.1/4″ 31.8mm 1.5mm
    1.1/2″ 38.1mm 1.5mm
    2″ 50.8mm 1.5mm
    7/8″ 22.2mm 2.0mm
    1″ 25.4mm 3.0mm
    1.1/4″ 31.8mm 3.0mm
    1.1/2″ 38.1mm 3.0mm
    2″ 50.8mm 3.0mm
    2.1/2″ 63.5mm 3.0mm
    3″ 76.2mm 3.0mm
    4″ 101.6mm 3.0mm