Stainless Steel U-Bolt

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  1. General Details

    U-Bolts are mainly used to hold circular items and pipes. Machine threads are present to bold the U Bolt.

    • Material Use: SS304
  2. Available Sizes
    Rod Width Length
    10mm  40mm  150mm
    10mm  65mm  150mm
    10mm  75mm  165mm
    10mm  75mm  175mm
    12mm  100mm  200mm
    12mm  100mm  225mm
    12mm  100mm  250mm
    12mm  50mm  200mm
    5mm  25mm  75mm
    5mm  25mm  80mm
    5mm  40mm  90mm
    5mm  50mm  100mm
    6mm  30mm  100mm
    6mm  40mm  100mm
    6mm  50mm  110mm
    6mm  65mm  135mm
    8mm  30mm  100mm
    8mm  50mm  100mm
    8mm  65mm  125mm
    8mm  75mm  160mm