Stainless Steel Closed End Hook

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  1. General Details

    Proudly made and finished in Maldives in our own production facilities, these are used for various products across the market from construction to marine vessels. Hooks are with machine thread or screw type thread at the end to provide a secure grip.

    • Material Use: SS304

    Please find below the different types and sizes.

  2. Machine Thread Hook

    Rod Size Length
    10mm 60mm
    6mm 60mm
    10mm 160mm
    10mm 75mm
    12mm 100mm
    12mm 150mm
    12mm 200mm
    12mm 250mm
    12mm 300mm
    12mm 350mm
    12mm 400mm
    6mm 115mm
    6mm 140mm
    6mm 60mm
    6mm 90mm
    8mm 140mm
    8mm 170mm
    8mm 80mm
    16mm 200mm
  3. Machine Thread Hook with Large Flange (for Swings)

    This hook is made especially for swings & accommodates a larger flange for aesthetic purposes.


    Rod Size Length
    6mm 60mm
    6mm 75mm
    6mm 90mm
    8mm 115mm
    8mm 145mm
    8mm 60mm
    8mm 75mm
    8mm 90mm
    10mm 75mm
    10mm 90mm
    10mm 115mm
  4. Screw Thread Hook


    Rod Size Length
    10mm 100mm
    10mm 55mm
    10mm 80mm
    6mm 50mm
    6mm 65mm
    8mm 40mm
    8mm 50mm
    8mm 70mm